Campuscamp UTP March 2012

Date: 3 March 2012
Place: D5, Pocket D, UTP, Perak
Time: 11am-6pm

What is CampusCamp?

CampusCamp is a Barcamp style event organized in educational institutions. Its goal is to promote knowledge sharing and building communities of practise between students, postgraduates, lecturers and staff within the educational institution.

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Everyone are encouraged to submit talks - be it students, postgraduates , lecturers, and staffs.

Any topic are accepted, including but not limited to :

-Talks about educational papers
-Talks about technologies
-Talks about hobbies and interests
-Talks teaching how to do something
- Workshops related to above

Topics can be from any field of interests, make it IT, physics, chemistry, arts, social, entertainments, etc.

To keep the event friendly and useful, these topics are banned:
- Multilevel marketing promotions or scams
- Sensitive race, religion and political topics


Some FAQ

What is a barcamp?

Is it free?

Yes, it is free.

So, how is the flow as a presenter?

You come -> you submit a topic -> let people vote(if the topics are more than the slots given) -> put up on the grid -> present!!

Flow as a viewer?

You come -> vote some topics -> check the grid -> attend
be an active participant please :)

What is your goal?

Making information sharing a culture in UTP

Do you get any profit from this?

No, this is a non-profit work.

I don't want to present, can i come?

Sure, but make sure you be an active participant by asking questions, adding info etc.

What should I bring?

Bring laptops if you want to present. Bring gadgets to show off. Bring ur smartphones/tablets to live tweet.

I am still not clear about this barcamp thing, any related links?

What to expect -
Rules of Barcamp -
Campuscamp -

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Sessions Registration Form

List of expected sessions

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